María del Carmen Gutiérrez Guerrero, Flor de María Alvarez Mitre, Jorge Fernando Toro Vazquez, Fidel Guevara Lara, Juan Jáuregui Rincón


Lard is an animal fat containing specific triacylglycerols (TAGs) where the saturated fatty acids are mainly located in the sn-2 position providing it with inadequate attributes for the food industry, such as graininess. By Interesterification, a redistribution of fatty acids within the glycerol molecule takes place modifying fats and oils properties. Interesterification of lard and coconut oil (CO) blends at 70:30 and 80:20 ratios, resulted in IBE70, IBE80 (enzymatic procedure) and IBC70, IBC80 (chemical procedure). They were characterized by their acidity index (AI), iodine index (II) and thermal behavior by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). II results showed that the highly saturated TAGs in CO affects lard only at the 70:30 ratio. DSC results made evident that the IBE and IBC melting profiles are not significantly different. Additionally, they showed higher crystallization and melting enthalpies compared to native lard, indicating a higher degree of intermolecular arrangement. These findings led to an application as a potential cocoa butter (CB) substitute. A mixture (CBR80) of 20% IBE70 and 80% CB, resulted in a thermal behavior that most resembled CB. Microstructure and texture showed CBR80 as a feasible CB replacer.

Palabras clave

Lard; Interesterification; Cocoa butter replacer

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