Supplementation of corn tortilla with freeze-dried jumbo squid muscle flour: physicochemical properties and microbiological stability during storage



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Corn tortilla, jumbo squid, supplementation, storage stability


Corn tortilla is one of the most consumed foodstuffs in Latin America, representing a good nutrients source, although deficient in some essential amino acids. Jumbo squid (Dosdicus gigas) muscle possesses high-quality protein, useful for tortilla supplementation. Our objective was to elaborate corn tortillas supplemented with jumbo squid muscle flour (JSMF), using composite corn flours containing JSMF (2.5 and 5.0%), to improve their nutritional quality without affecting their physicochemical/sensory properties and storage stability. Supplementation with 5% JSMF increased (P<0.05) tortilla protein level, and the essential amino acids versus the control. The 2.5% JSMF tortillas were tasteful and acceptable (P≥0.05) as the control. JSMF addition showed an antimicrobial effect on mesophilic and psychrophilic bacteria; however, yeast and moulds grew beyond the permissible limit at day 5 of storage. JSMF addition did not affect (P≥0.05) the cutting force, with all tortillas tending to become harder to roll without cracking as storage elapsed. Tortilla storage stability (supplemented or not) was 3 days at 2–4 °C. Results suggest the feasibility of adding JSMF to corn tortilla, improving its nutritional characteristics without markedly affecting other parameters.


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